Migrating from Faker v5 to v6

ESM Support

New Format: We're now ESM compatible! We've dropped the Browser bundle in favor of ESM.

So if you'd like to use Faker in the browser, simply include it using a JavaScript module.

<script type="module">
  import { faker } from 'https://unpkg.com/@faker-js/faker';

  console.log(`${faker.name.firstName()} ${faker.name.lastName()}`);

Remove all references to faker from your project. The new package is located at @faker-js/faker


You MUST swap all references from the faker package to the new @faker-js/faker package.

In addition to releasing all future versions under the @faker-js/faker package namespace, we have also provided all historical versions of Faker.

If you depend on a specific version of Faker you still can reference the version directly.

npm i @faker-js/faker@5.5.3 -D will work just fine 😄.


TypeScript Improvements

Faker now ships with its own types! Remove @types/faker from your package.json to avoid conflicts.



Tree shaking is not yet fully supported due to some structural issues. But we plan to make Faker fully tree-shakable in the future.

For now Faker supports tree-shaking for some parts, and we highly recommend that you take advantage of your bundler's tree-shaking capabilities and change how you import Faker right now.

Instead of using:

// js
const faker = require('@faker-js/faker');

// ts
import faker from '@faker-js/faker';

You should switch to:

// js
const { faker } = require('@faker-js/faker');

// ts
import { faker } from '@faker-js/faker';

If you only need one specific language, we highly recommend to make use of the locale specific imports like:

// js
const fakerDe = require('@faker-js/faker/locale/de');

// ts
import fakerDe from '@faker-js/faker/locale/de';

This is especially true if you're importing Faker in the browser.

Faker is a giant package made up of many megabytes of strings. Only import what you need.

We plan to load the locales in another way in a future major release.

Happy Faking!

  • Shini, Jess, and the Faker Team