Generates fake data for many computer systems properties.

Common File Ext

Returns a commonly used file extension.

Returns: string

faker.system.commonFileExt(): string
faker.system.commonFileExt() // => "jpg"
faker.system.commonFileExt() // 'gif'

Common File Name

Returns a random file name with a given extension or a commonly used extension.



Extension. Empty string is considered to be not set.

Returns: string

faker.system.commonFileName(ext?: string): string
faker.system.commonFileName() // => "account_loan.mpe"
faker.system.commonFileName() // 'dollar.jpg'
faker.system.commonFileName('txt') // 'global_borders_wyoming.txt'

Common File Type

Returns a commonly used file type.

Returns: string

faker.system.commonFileType(): string
faker.system.commonFileType() // => "image"
faker.system.commonFileType() // 'audio'

Directory Path

Returns a directory path.

Returns: string

faker.system.directoryPath(): string
faker.system.directoryPath() // => "/root"
faker.system.directoryPath() // '/etc/mail'

File Ext

Returns a file extension.



Valid mime-type

Returns: string

faker.system.fileExt(mimeType?: string): string
faker.system.fileExt() // => "aas"
faker.system.fileExt() // 'emf'
faker.system.fileExt('application/json') // 'json'

File Name

Returns a random file name with extension.

Returns: string

faker.system.fileName(): string
faker.system.fileName() // => "account_loan.silo"
faker.system.fileName() // 'self_enabling_accountability_toys.kpt'

File Path

Returns a file path.

Returns: string

faker.system.filePath(): string
faker.system.filePath() // => "/root/bus_loan.silo"
faker.system.filePath() // '/usr/local/src/money.dotx'

File Type

Returns a file type.

Returns: string

faker.system.fileType(): string
faker.system.fileType() // => "model"
faker.system.fileType() // 'message'

Mime Type

Returns a mime-type.

Returns: string

faker.system.mimeType(): string
faker.system.mimeType() // => "application/vnd.patientecommsdoc"
faker.system.mimeType() // 'video/'


Returns a semantic version.

Returns: string

faker.system.semver(): string
faker.system.semver() // => "5.5.7"
faker.system.semver() // '1.1.2'